Bethesda announces a new science fiction themed game starfield


Bethesdafrom E3 2018, the bombs keep coming. Elder Scrolls VI, young blood Wolfenstein, Fallout new games like 76 after the announcement of a completely new game came out. Bethesda’s new game the name of Starfield.

New game Bethesda made the announcement starfield

Bethesda E3 in 2018 it seems that the fans quite satisfied. The series continues as old games, as well as Bethesda making a very unexpected move, a completely new game made an announcement. According to a statement by Bethesda, Bethesda, for a long time Starfield is working on it. Judging from the short trailer was published, the game is a sci-fi theme. Elder Scrolls and Fallout series from Bethesda, the creator of the completely actually the announcement of a new game series we haven’t seen for a long time. Starfield, stands out as Bethesda’s first new IP in a long time. Of course, the Starfield there is so much information on our hands about now. How starfield a game that will be published is hard to tell from the short introductory video. However, the production company Bethesda the game entirely single player and story-driven game said there will be. Starfield published an announcement video you can watch from the link below.