Bethesda announced at E3 games conference in 2018 eternal doom


Bethesda made the announcement of a new doom game. New Doom eternal doom in the name of the game. Short promotional video was also released about the game. Now they seem to emerge on the earth the demons in the video posted.

Bethesda made the announcement at the conference eternal doom E3 2018

Which is pretty exciting after this announcement, a statement from the makers of eternal doom came in. The release date of the game yet was not given , however, according to a statement from the producers, eternal doom, the doom games according to other, bloodier , and more action will be packed. More demons, the more we will try to deal in a brutal manner. The game is the sequel of dhoom series but was not yet given a Release date. So, it’s not an expansion pack of Doom Eternal. The new game will be, we can say that dhoom series.

Bethesda’s popular game the war with the demons in doom took it to a different level. Bethesda literally resurrected the series, the old doom games refers to the way it does, it’s pretty fast and bloody game, and he was very loved by the players. Let’s eternal doom, how it will be a game.