Bethesda announced a new DLC for prey in the presentation E3


Last month, the Prey we’ve had word that a new expansion pack is on the way for. Bethesda, 2018 E3 announced that a new expansion pack is on the way within the scope of prey. New in mooncrash DLC will contain multiplayer game modes. The new update to the game with many new game modes will come.

Bethesda announced a new expansion pack for prey

2017 in the year of departing Bethesda‘s announced a new expansion pack for the game prey. Quietly departing Prey, isn’t a game to consider too while with an interesting storyline and pretty good gameplay dynamics, pretty good game. Bethesda previously said they would continue to support prey. In fact, prior to this announcement to prey on a DLC in the future was known. The studio posted on Twitter by the producer of the code is solved, and the resulting image appeared in the video of the moon. On the other hand, the list also Prey steam achievement steam achievement names are brought together, updated and arise when the group refers to the way R. E. m man on the moon, was writing. Published a promotional video you can watch from the link below.