Bellem Money announced the release date of update Operation


Ubisoft‘s FPS to the sector dedicated to the best game of Rainbow Six: Siege, day by day, the player is the audience continues to grow. The successful construction of faced by the players at the end of 2015, it took quite a lot to update in about 3 years. Thanks to these updates, who managed to keep the game alive Ubisoft, the new update Operation if para‘s will announced the date. According to Ubisoft’s official Twitter account described by Bellem Money, June 7, will be presented to the players on. In the last few weeks along with the final version of the update on the test server will be given to the control of the players. Two new characters named and themed villa in Italy hosting the map if para update eagerly expected.

Release date para if

Also with the new update, it should be said that the game would have Turkish language support. For this reason if para update, it is important for the Turkish players. All of the writings contained within the game, which translates into Turkish, Ubisoft, didn’t make any statement about Turkish dubbing. In our country, the Counter Strike brand, which is the biggest rival of Rainbow Six Siege, a considerable amount appeals to a large audience in Turkey.

Operation Para Bellem güncellemesinin çıkış tarihi açıklandı

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