Bau [supermassive in 2018, the winter season Finale managed to become the champion


Turkey Riot by the Office of the 2018 winter season finale, the day ended with a glorious game that we left behind. Months of fierce fighting between the teams Bausparkasse and the Royal bandits, the duo managed to make the finals. Bandits rival Royal in the finals 3 – 1 Bau, who beat [the supermassive team took home the trophy. Following this tournament, attended by foreign teams and the tournament team bausparkasse importance in a global context, has obtained the right to join MSI.

The 2018 winter Champion of the season finale, the Bau [was supermassive

Prior to the final, it was quite difficult to predict which team would win. Because Holyphoenix and Dumbledoge pair of effective playing style exhibited in the lower Hall, Royal bandits was scaring opponents. The tactical attitude exhibited bausupermassive however, it managed to out Royal bandits. Let’s successful team MSI will exhibit performance in the tournament? Together we will see. Who will represent Turkey bausupermassive the fans, the MSI team expect to win the tournament too.

Finally, the way is at the end of the tournament awards:

– Best Upper Hallway: Fabfabulous
Best Junglers: Malang
– The best middle Aisle: GBM
– Best Sniper: Zeitnot
– Best Support: Snow Flower
– Best Coach: Irean