Battlezone Gold Edition, a VR experience currently accessible


Rebellion sweeping the world at a time developed by the wave of a battlezone, now a battlezone Gold Edition with the release of Steam was accessible on. For lovers of battlezone Gold Edition is realizing the dreams of wars between regions. The 2016 game as the original PSVR and last year the PC was introduced as a classic version for. The game for more than a year, after the additions made as Battlezone Gold Edition re-launched.

Battlezone owner, the Gold Edition version is going to have too

Battlezone Gold Editionreleased, the first version incorporates all the additional content that comes after. Moreover, everyone who owns Gold Edition Battlezone Battlezone automatically the owner. One of the most crucial parts of the Game, 1 – 4 besides being able to play with your friends with Player option, or in VR using the tool, and if you want the option to play as normal players are present.

Finally on steam £ 57,00 can be purchased in the game, which will be valid until May 8 with a 10% discount 51,30 TL can be obtained. The video below is contained in the announcement of the game.