Battlerite battle Royale game mode will be added this summer


Stunlock Studios by Unity engine developed by online multiplayer war game themed Battlerite mode for battle Royale is coming!

Battlerite mode for battle Royale coming this summer

Departing in September 2016 and the first 20 that can be played for free MOBA game Battlerite this summer, which will come with this mode, battle Royale mode, continuing to double their success on PUBG and Fortnite is preparing to be competing in the games. New battle Royale mode, which will come this summer, known standard Battlerite map in a larger map 30 times will host. At the same time one or two people who can play the game with the mod, in groups of 20 players.

Stunlock Studios, Director of Marketing, John Ilves, players can change the characters in a MOBA game blends survival and a factor in games, a Diablo-esque exploration along with the excitement of the experience they want to give said.

In the meantime, battlerite played so far, it was noted that the number of players who are more than 4 million. New battle Royale mode to be added to the game, it looks like this number will increase rapidly. Enriched with each passing day, the world of battle Royale the stage for what will be his next move?