Battlegrounds playerunknown’s got a huge update


Battlegrounds to playerunknown’s got a new update. 10 GB The size of this update, along with new weapons, new weapons, plug-ins and re-balanced many weapons added to the game.

With the new update they have added new weapons to the game

The new update , along with new weapons and weapon attachments, as well as the game to Miramar they have added a new tool to. At the same time, the update will eliminate a lot of errors. Light automatic rifles and carrying a shotgun, the characters, both running in both walking speed will change. Level 3 helmets only thereafter, will spawn within the enclosure. After that, when they do bots. The game vertical mouse sensitivity setting is added. These and such as these, large, small a lot of changes with the new update added to the game. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds 1.0 12. the update, along with the changes in weapon balance in the game, you can browse from the following table.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds'a büyük bir güncelleme daha geldi

Bluehole’s game continues to keep up to date with updates published playerunknown Battlegrounds continuously. According to the return of the players, the game constantly balance adjustment is performed.