Today’s mobile gaming as one of the leading companies in the sector, Netmarble, released worldwide on the day of the anticipated new game that we left behind. Released on the same date in our country Soldier-themed battlefield, with the support of the Turkish interface and voice entirely in our country, says HI to the players. Time to play platform games on PC and console who don’t have discovered yourself, the more mobile platforms for players who feel close to Battlefield, on the basis of a strategy game. Mobile card game that combines strategy elements in the logic structure, the aim is to destroy the opposing team’s main building during the war.

Battlefield is your game?

Savaş Meydanı

Yourself a special story mode in the game, as well as we That you can spend hours and hours in PvP mode. According to your own level with players, unlike other strategy games where you can experience the battle in the square, you can assign your military commander. Several variations of the commander, as well as the other first game “the Canaanite Commander” gives you a named character. Each commander passive which makes developers, the commander of the Canaanite saw the infantry damage upgrade feature 50 percent appropriate.

You are able to get the soldiers through the cards in the game. These soldiers in the game as you can get from the boxes of goods, divided according to the values in. Each soldier card level. This level can be upgraded with the new cards and finding gold in the game. According to your own strategy, you can create your deck by collecting cards this soldier, on the battlefield and the tactics that will be released to you is completely original you can apply. Also rise in the power of the military, as a rise of energy points they noted. When you want to drive a tank in the game so the card in the field that will ask you the amount of energy is also rising. On the other hand, the next support cards, Soldier cards, you need to remember. Three before the start of the match the support card in the game when you select radar, bomb, etc. thanks to your help, you can let go of fear of your opponent or your troops and you can help.

Savaş Meydanı

Your commanders and troops after you have determined your business to rank jump. Winning a match by the amount of trophies you get in the game, so you can have military ranks that existed in real life. The trophies required for each rank is located at the interface of the game is the amount of battle you can look at the press.

Battle if the square faster development if you want to save, we recommend not to exceed the es everyday tasks. In the game Log tab, and you can find the daily tasks given to you. Edit the task you requested to place your orders we need to bring in your army mission. Daily tasks alone on the side of the game is for players who don’t want to play Battlefieldin a unity system is equipped with. You can lead your own squad in the game when you get to Level 10 You can participate in with or other. Located along a Union member your missing cards and you can ask your friends to help in this way.

Savaş Meydanı

When we got to the end, the game entirely depends on the strategic decisions and, optionally, he didn’t want money from you, it’s pretty cool. A perfectly balanced manner you in the labor that you showed all the soldiers on the battlefield in a game of the Turkish players and be themed in order to give one hundred percent support in a short time will be very popular in our country. The game is currently iOS and Android platforms you can play for free.