Battlefield V was officially announced! The first video game is coming!


Last week, the V Battlefield new Battlefield with the name of the game announcement, on 23 May it was the rumors will be made. V has been confirmed by EA that Battlefield will be introduced on May 23.

V Battlefield will be presented on May 23

Last week, the upswing on the Battlefield V rumors, was confirmed by EA. Many of the Visual leaked to the Internet, the rumor gave the signal that he was on the path of the new Battlefield game. As of the last day the rumor was confirmed. Statement on the official website of Battlefield; ” EA DICE a lot of noise that will bring the new Total War Saga: epic adventure for our first glimpse of Battlefield battlefield with V. V will be attending on 23 May and join to the publication. V Battlefield live in the promotion, will share with us the vision of the team that develops the game. Battlefield will never be the same,” the statement said. The rumors with some of these explanations was confirmed. Now back to the leaves the following questions in mind. The new Battlefield game in which time zone will be, and the dynamics of gameplay, you have to wonder how it would work. Which will be held on May 23 the live broadcast the following link you can watch it via.