Battlefield Bad Company new Battlefield game 3 may be


Fps type, which is one of the best selling brands of the Battlefield, over the past decade V, Battlefield and Battlefield 2018 with names had emerged. However, it’s been revealed exactly what will be in the game. In the coming period, which will take place at the EA play event which is expected to be introduced at the new bomb that creates an effect to reveal a rumor about the game were thrown. Dice Los Angeles working in his studio Abbas al-Rubaie, the personal Twitter account of his 2018 from Battlefield: Bad Company 3 a share that is made.

2018 new game called Battlefield Bad Company may be

Yeni Battlefield oyunu, Battlefield Bad Company 3 olabilir

After sharing, the players, attracting the attention of the developer of the share to delete. With this leak of the new Battlefield game, I can say that today it would pass. I thoughthe Second World War‘during the last Bad Company game, it would be quite nice to have. Realistic war games, Bad Company and the buildings to be demolished that we face in sentiment on the map, the players will like it.

In the last game to the First World War 1 Battlefield developers, let’s see what are prepared in the new game. On the other hand, DICE’s new game, I can say that it would improve the graphics a little bit more.