Battlefield 5 will be lootbox certain whether it was


DICE team that worked for about 2 years on the new Battlefield game, Battlefield 5, finally, we left behind the night was introduced. The new game will take players to the Second World War in the time specified in the Premium Pass that will not was noted. The system developer to the team to pass the most ilistiren premium Battlefield games so far following this declaration, EA Games‘…a question that will earn extra money So, she thought it might be the loot box in the game players.

Battlefield 5 will be in box Lotto?

Electronic Arts Battlefield 5 lootbox spokesman for the curiosity of it would be players curious, but stated that this would be a more harmless level. So toolboxlar featured in the game, just will be filled with cosmetic ingredients. So, in the game Star Wars: Battlefront‘will put pressure on the players toolboxlar we will meet with the TA as it is.

When we consider all these things, we can predict that a character will develop very specific in-game weapon or. Similar situation game FPS Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six siegeat are also available. The player offering content only cosmetic, that the packing boxes thanks to your character and weapons in a detailed way, you can tailor it to suit your own style.