Battlefield 5 special editions and pre-order campaign for what?


Battlefield 5‘S special what are the contents of version? Determined to return to the roots of the Battlefield series, Dice Battlefield to the beginning of the series with 5 2. World War IIis returning na.

What are special versions of Battlefield 5?

The root of this EA, only 2. World War II theme or gameplay oriented game they’re developing more of a team game we don’t know. However, DICE is the claim in this direction. 5 EA Battlefield Premium Pass to remove the system was declared. Instead, a cosmetic product sales will be in the game. Battlefield special pack of 5 well what’s in it?

Enlister Offer

Battlefield V the opportunity to play the Open Beta, as well as players from the first week of extra Soldier customization options, Custom quests and gives rewards

Military equipment download: Battlefield V in the game when it is released eight. Customize your troops by selecting one of the sets of the private Soldier.

Specific tasks: sit in front of the competition and win a prize by completing special tasks.

1 instant access to five weapon Battlefield: Battlefield Battlefield that you can use in 1 V in a period of transition towards the most modern five 1. World War II gun open.

Battlefield V Deluxe Version

V Battlefield, more equipment, customization items, and players who want early access with special tasks:

V early access to the basic game Battlefield: Battlefield directing the battle and V The basic game play first.

Download five sets of military equipment: while with eight airborne troops and British special air service German private Soldier konuslanirk choose five from the set.

Specific tasks: the British and German fallschirmjager troops of the special air services German air raids on the North African coast at the air base of actual bases his defense on the battlefields inspired by new methods and startup tasks with join missions to test your skills and win a prize.

The air-bridge, with the 20-item week: 20 weekly weather ensure supply with the bridge element each containing a major customization.

Battlefield V Standard Version

In addition, new and ongoing content that contains all your favorite Battlefield the battlefield along with the properties of V standard version is also available. In the standard version, you can:

64 players for multiplayer battle JOIN: SELECT and shape your arsenal by building your class with unique features that you will join Battlefield Total War.

Battlefield use: set a military move, to maneuver on the battlefield fortifications and mobile tools of destruction.

Play unknown war stories: tales of global conflict in the human drama of war in single-player witness.

Gelgitleri your experience of the war: a different adventure each time your unit on a battlefield with constantly changing and on the last join. Critical tasks and Battlefield 2 that are waiting for the new equipment. Of World War I take place in the locality.

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