Battlefield 5 screenshots looks great!


Battlefield 5 screenshots for some players it still was a disappointment. The major reason for this, Dice approaches the Unreal for the Second World War. Even on the last day, the dice creative director Lars Gustavsson, the game-related concept studies also on the official website of “Battlefield V – A brand new 2. The experience of World War II in the article”was shared. These visuals instantly via social media also drew reaction.

Battlefield 5 release date?

EA’s popular fps series, end of October – beginning of November greets us with expectations. Battlefield 5 release date 19th October and will cover the subsequent few days. Of course, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 of to be advertised as the DICE will increase the pressure on a bit. Because CoD to compete with black ops thanks to this will probably happen again.

Lootbox recent development on Battlefield 5

According to a recent statement, the company Battlefield 5 will not be lootbox system has announced that. We will only pay money for the cosmetic products in the game.

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