Battlefield 5 expected from the first video was released at the end of


5 Battlefield‘s official Twitter account, the new Battlefield game for quite short promotional video was released. After the short introductory video published, rumors are also going through the roof. Pass Battlefield of 5 short promotional video can give you details on the date published.

Anticipated video has finally arrived on the Battlefield than 5

Shhh… not long now.
Tune in for the #23 front may reveal Battlefield V:

— V (@Battlefield) May 21 2018

5 was recently announced that the battlefield there is so much information on our hands. A fairly large map in team-oriented modes of battle, in the direction of information was shared. However, the game will cover the war in our hands that which is in the time zone in which there was nothing. Battlefield ever Battlefield 5 is going to be very different from the experience. War where major improvements are made in the dynamics of the production company Dice and Ea , was among the incoming information. From the minute we left behind the official Twitter account posted a short video of Battlefield 5, the game may give a hint in which time zone that it would pass. published a short video in his head telling us to be quiet the character of a soldier pilot with glasses (probably throat (when) can be seen.

In his head the pilot in glasses looking at the character of the game by at least nowadays we can reach the conclusion that it will not be. The period of the Second World War or before ? in this regard, an idea difficult to identify, however, published this image taken from an online game that is also on your teammate Score from the screen and we can see from the expression was born. New information will emerge in the coming days and let’s see the continuation of this video? For now, to say something on the net doesn’t seem possible.