Battlefield 5 announcement date has been announced!


Battlefield 1 emerging within an Easter egg in the Battlefield series of games with the latest on 23 May , just 2 weeks later it seems that will be introduced. For a while players in the room to tip arm sleeves. On the last day a player finally managed to do it.

To players as a reward on the Easter egg Morse code with “the mystery revealed” that says a custom imprint . The real mystery is below, if Westie that is shared by the room we can say that you will see in the video is stored in.

A tag opens the lock by completing the complex steps and some music is playing. On the one hand, you can also hear the sounds of water dripping in the room. The feeling of using a sharp Player, the sound of the pipes coming in quite a rhythmic way, she noticed right away. This Morse code is converted to an Internet address contained in an understanding of sound:

A simple web page instructed to do so only on 23 May 2018 date and #Battlefield you can see the tag. Unfortunately, more details about the game, so be detected with much difficulty on this page does not exist. Javascript code examination as a result of May 28, a countdown timer which ended the day was seen. So just in a few weeks, EA has a battlefield to be confronted with the gospel.

The company of 2016 to the battlefield at the beginning of the month of May, let us note that the first 1 information is shared. So, it looks like the company still will follow a similar timeline. Again all the details about Battlefield 5 ShiftDelete.Net will be at the address.

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