Battlefield 1 Game Guide


1 The battlefield guideline will take place in a complete example for a single player campaign. You will find advice on solo moderates and also a collection of game tactics and basic game mechanic tips. As the main focus of the game lies in the multiplayer mode, a separate episode will be dedicated to these aspects. The Battlefield   guide will be crafted with mind-blowing starters, but serine gasworks will allow them to increase their overall efficiency in the battlefield, even if they will be able to find some useful tips. According to our tradition, the guide also has a wide range of topics, a compilation, a section devoted to “General Recommendations”, “important recommendations that will help you get to know the game more closely and highlight the most important items.

1 ZAR, which runs under the Battlefield Electronic Arts brand, is the latest work of the developer studio. The latest version of the famous FPS series takes you to the era of the Great War, with the typical weapons, equipment and tactics of the time. Thanks to the track you have prepared for you, the game will have more difficult sections to pass, lots of advice and tips to make the game easier, and the help you need to get more fun.

The path to be followed will be completed in order to navigate between the many screen displays and the guide contents and highlight the most important parts.


Intended contents of the guide to Battlefield 1:

  1. A detailed walkthrough of the single player campaign;
  2. A chapter dedicated to available weapons, including tactical tips on how to use them with best efficiency;
  3. Hints for beginners and experts alike, concerning the multiplayer mode;
  4. Hints for the co-op mode;
  5. “General Advice”, including the most important advice and hints;
  6. A description of the game’s controls and hardware requirements.

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