Based from the forest early access, the full version finally passed


Which is one of the best examples of the survival games in the forest, about 4 years ago, and in the process continued to be updated in the process of early access. May 2014 game of survival that confronts us here first in the forest‘s finally it was announced early access to the full version that would pass through the process. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for the full version of the game.

The full version of the forest goes to

Of the game v1.0 be equipped with the production team in conjunction with the release of many innovations that would craftlana the clothes again overhauled, and the end of the game dynamics is also stated that the last alternative was added to the game. Also a big thanks to the followers and supporters who support the team for many years themselves, they did. With the full version of the game to go to the forest‘s first details about the big update came and on May 22 it was announced that the game would have to support the virtual reality glasses.

The team also can be faced with problems such as the crash, but also to explain that they would settle them in just a few days have been added. Published in conjunction with the launch of the full version of the game, you can browse in the video below.