Attracting attention with a new generation of graphics the game is postponed Metro Exodus


Past E3 2017 , which were announced at Microsoft’s presentation at Expo new metro game Metro Exodus, unfortunately has been postponed. This year is expected to come out at the end of the game, which will be released in the first quarter of 2019 to the players. As shown in the game with the best graphics that have ever lived as the reason for the postponement of the game hasn’t given any reasons. However, users are struggling with problems he thinks the game’s optimization. Game developed by 4A games, will be distributed by deep Silver. Only PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 It would probably be released for that specified game, you won’t have to switch to Nintendo.

Metro Exodus postponed

On the other hand, Nvidia‘s new generation technology which will use the extremely high quality of videos posted for the game, let’s go over. NVIDIA’s RTX real-time tracking technology using light at a level that would make the graphics of envious rival developers. Earlier this Lighting Technology, Pixar or Disney‘s animated films was used for. This time of this technology have to be used in games, the players managed to get quite excited.

Xbox One Xin 4K resolution that will run at the specified game PC play on the platform Nvidia model, we advise you to choose a graphics card.