Atari’s new console, the Atari VCS published information on behalf of


Strange managed to make a comeback Atari , the company, after a long time, the silence, the new consoles the Atari VCS with broke. First name Parrot this project, which is last year’s IndieGoGo posted on a site that is named based on the project. This project is very much supported, has now turned into reality. AtariBox a few months ago, Atari VCS by changing my job, so 1977and took the name of his original.

It is unclear what the console currently run

Atari, the Atari VCS unfortunately she didn’t talk much about. Constantly “it will run the old games and classic with the joystick to the future” with a phrase such as the Atari Console to the players that do not make a statement on behalf of the information presented. According to the information they describe on the site of the Atari VCS, 30 May 2018 pre-order will be opened. The console will come in two types. Onyx version, just the Black coating formed from the Retro Atari with the wood trim will come with with the United. Onyx version $199 (820TL) , indicating that Atari haven’t released any information yet for the retro version. Pre-order opened VCS Atari, players in the spring of 2019 is expected to be delivered.

Atari, at the same time an e-mail to follow up with those who would surprise, and a couple of fields from the order of the Onyx version of the first ten stated that they would give a gift. The console is still a mystery exactly what to do, we all we’ll have to wait and see.