At Ubisoft’s E3 games fair have been announced that will introduce in 2018


Ubisoft ‘s highly anticipated E3 2018that would make the presentation in a list of games shared. Apart from the shared list, Ubisoft’s surprise game announcements can do that has been confirmed by the company.

Ubisoft’s E3 presentation that will make the games in 2018 have been announced

E3 2018‘e stayed for quite a short period now. Companies are diligently preparing for the E3 presentation they will make in 2018, while the interest of the players continue to take to the fair on the agenda to keep warm. As of the last day, Ubisoft announced that E3 would take place in 2018 in which the games. Ubisoft’s E3 new information and videos that will introduce the games in 2018 will be dealing with include:

*Division 2

*Beyond Good & Evil 2

*Medal For

*Skull & Bones,

*Starlink: battle for the Atlas


Of course, this list has not yet made the announcement, new games. At least that would make the announcement of a new Ubisoft game in a long time it was spoken. The rumors intensified if the system is subject, the new Splinter Cell announcement is to be made in the direction of the game. Let’s see how the rumors will come, Splinter Cell by Ubisoft, but also the Avatar of the game the announcement is expected. It takes me less excited anticipation at E3 2018.