ASUS Strix Strix and ROG hero II star II announced!


The company Strix star II model for lovers of fps type games to WASD KEYS and the white with the color breaks down. Likewise, Strix hero II model for fans of MOBA-type QWER keys were used to make different from the rest. In addition Strix star II, we think, as bullet resistant kevlar coated with with a design such as manufactured. Beyond that, two gaming computer also shares the same chassis.

A decrease of the product of the frame on three sides as it is pretty thin, afflicted, and web camera to be positioned in a different place draws attention. Also, both the laptop 26 millimeters thick and 2.4 pounds weight.

New ROG models, the power of a 6 core Intel Core i7 the coffee Lake-8750H or Core i5-8300H processors. 144 Hz 1080p 15-inch IPS display with a viewing experience to present successful claims on products up to 32 GB of RAM can be used.

As standard 1060 NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics processor, while offering star II model if you want the GTX 1070 you can choose. Hero II for 60 Hz option screen presented. USB-a, USB-C, Mini-DisplayPort, HDMI, Ethernet, headphone jack and SD Card Reader is not presented with port.

PG27UQ ASUS Rog Swift monitor is coming to the game!

4K G-Sync monitor to come after the announcement of the HDR game has started. After the ASUS Rog Swift is also Acer Aspire predator X27 PG27UQ have come to light. Here, PG27UQ ROG Swift features.

ASUS Strix Strix and ROG hero II star II price and release date

Two that were introduced from abroad from the first sale star II gaming Notebook $ 1,999 hero II and the $ 1,699 starting price tag.

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