ASUS Rog phone has been unveiled! Game monster mobile!

Asus Zenfone 5 review!

We have reviewed the ASUS zenfone 5. Asus Zenfone .5 how? Handset the problem continues? How to improve camera performance? Our review of the ASUS zenfone 5 video answers to all these questions!

Consider the computer a player. Usually the players are prepared for computers that are low-latency and high refresh rate screen, and together with keyboard RGB lighting, powerful hardware are offered to players. ASUS Rog Phone in the same way, aims to offer players a different experience from other phones.

Qualcomm’s 2.96 GHz running at the speed of 845 Snapdragon processor, powered by the new ASUS Rog Phone, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB internal memory for users with powerful hardware facilities. We have analyzed the model memory of 128 GB, but 512 GB memory option also will be offered.

The video card that we will remember from copper-based 3D vapor chamber cooling system that uses Phone, ASUS Rog, gaming experience and slow down the processor for a long time, as it incorporates measures for issues that players will want.

On the rear side with LED illuminated ROG logo from ROG Phone, also get air out of the cooling system comes with quite a nice looking grill.

Advanced screen experience!

6 inches the size of AMOLED screen that comes with the Phone ASUS Rog, 10,000:1 contrast and HDR support draws attention. Also the screen at 90 Hz refresh rate, we shall highlight offers. 1ms response time and also more sensitive to the players touch the screen to detect touch of the screen of the system among other features.

ASUS Rog Phone, 12 megapixel resolution AR augmented reality – aided Dual Camera comes with. 4K ASUS Rog Phone capable of video recording, 4000 mAh battery. This particular model will be the people who would play more games, considering that 4000 mAhbattery is the right choice we can say that.

802.11 AD link technology with 4 Gbps with support for phone experience will be able to offer wireless image transfer during the delay. Of course, you will use the modem and the network NAMESPACE support.

Advanced accessory ecosystem phone with ASUS Rog

Phone ROG with Asushas introduced a new accessory for your phone 4. One of them, the fan on the rear of the phone adds the device in Active Aero cooler that can cool down the gaming experience even more long. The application also together with this, you can adjust the speed of the fan.

Twinview Dock with two screen gained the support ROG Phone, is there a dock that will also offer the desktop experience and the game controller by the name of Gamevice comes with accessories. Let me add that have been made to explain the price yet for the device.

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