ASUS Rog Maximus Formula, series of 10. Celebrates Years


Following the campaign your winning formula worldwide, in many countries the celebration will take place in the first leg of the event took place in Istanbul. Thursday 10 May was held in Istanbul on the day of the event, which in the last 10 years ROG evolution evolutionary exhibition was shown at the formula in the formula, and player communities, members of the press and eSpor teams met at the Soho house in Istanbul.

Maximus formula series 10. years old.

Formula motherboard Maximus formula since 2008 across 9 different evolutionary models at the exhibition included:

Maximus Formula Maximus Formula motherboard First, was released in 2008. The first appearance of the Formula, extreme, Maximus extreme followed in the footsteps. Strong heat blocks, with a sound card and special overclocking features underlying Formula, aimed at players who want to be at the limit of performance