ASUS Rog gaming phone release date has been announced!


First ASUS CEO Jean Han given you a hint as to the future by Asus Rog gaming phone, June 5-9 , which will be held between the dates of Computex can be introduced at the event. It is specified that this information is received from a source within the company, of course, Mobile is in the interest of the players.

The game of phone technical specifications is currently unknown. On the other hand, it’s not hard to predict in advance certain characteristics that may arise. Right now the market’s most powerful Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 in the device probably will take place. 8 GB of RAM and a smooth gameplay experience are essential for.

A powerful display device of the present appeal, of course you can increase. Gaming monitors are generating good things about the company, the smart phone 120 or 144 Hz refresh rate , by offering can draw attention. ASUS Aura lighting technology will make this device, and even sync with other devices, if the issue provides an important step in appealing to the eye.

To achieve success of the device sales for pricing , we can say that the issue also should give great importance. After all, many people do not prefer the game to the phone. PUBG Mobile games like with the load she put the phone with powerful hardware requires that needs are met. Games in this genre so the audience there will be those who want to take everywhere.

ASUS many game-oriented application and we can predict that the device will add to the ability. Let’s Smart Phone the company will be able to successfully transfer the experience of the actor PC also?

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