Arcade classic to Nintendo the way ikargura fell to the ground


Japanese game Maker Treasurein Bulgaria which is one of the most popular games based ikarugaand arcade machines appeared in the and most of them appeared in the console. Dreamcast, Gamecube, Xbox 360 then the game, the PCto it was edited. Treasure active team, agreeing again with Nintendo game Nintendo Switch‘e took the decision to bring.

Get ready, shoot and…?

Shoot ’em up type people back when it was revealed in an obvious way can be taken. The first time in the shoot ’em Up Games is causing so much trouble, but as technology advances, the games and gradually getting harder bullet hell begins to evolve into a type. Based ikaruga, R type and Gladius soon, out of the past, is known as hard, but a solid shoot ’em up, as is recommended by everyone. Of course, if you like to start a section again and again, you can feed hate this game, they still remind us.

With other games we mentioned Gladius and R-type ikaruga based from a tick that manages to be different, Nintendo will be brought to the switch with new modes. We know one of them is the Arcade and the other a Prototype. Prototype mode, features some of the players restrict or reduce, may be called sort of a mode that is made for professionals. Based ikaruga, 29 May 2018 will be added to the library of Nintendo on the switch. Producer Treasure players with a video that showed it.