Anthem the only one you’re going to play if we have good news for you


E3 2017 introduced Anthem‘trailer, were received by large players. Especially in a fairly large map that is focused on information for a construction that will pass anthem multiplayer had said. Even EA’s Bioware, the game’s loot system, of adding a box in the direction they were talking about doing prints. That is believed to be more focused on multiplayer gameplay anthem the story mode was played only one wondering whether.

The only person who could play the story mode of anthem

Production company Bioware ‘s official blog published an announcement gave the answer to this question. The story mode of anthem the only person who could play. According to a statement from BioWare, the anthem is only the online game-oriented gaming experience to offer. At the head of the studio that develops the SIM anthem Casey Hudson, the anthem anthem and shared new information about the Each player the hero of their own story said he would be. “We are working to be able to control each player has his own unique story. Yes, our game is built on an online community. However; the story with your friends as you can play you will be able to play on your own.” he said it’s not a multiplayer focused game only just anthem. Anthem to 2019 is expected to rise.