Anthem shared a new video for EA’s game


EA Games‘anticipated game Anthem for a short video released. BioWare posted a new Anthem for a new generation of Open World RPG developed under the umbrella of in the video, we can see very short scenes. The fragment, stating that it would release the whole on June 9, EA Games, the players tries to keep expectations high. E3 2018 , which is expected to be introduced with a special show at the fair construction, when probably break sales records. Destiny striking similarity to the series, however, any resemblance to the games cinematic scenes anthem destiny will be comprised of the new video allegedly to be published.

Anthem released a new video for

There’s something waiting for us beyond the wall…

— Anthem (@anthem game) June 1, 2018

We’ve seen the gameplay trailers for the game during the introduction, recently published a coded message. Via Twitter Decoding decoding the meaning of the Turkish namely, this message still does not indicate exactly what it means. Probably this is what you told the encrypted message, which will be published along with the new trailer we’ll find out.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One , and PC will be released on the platform of the building, which my Xbox One X will have support said. But still Microsoft has made an official announcement about it.

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