Another amazing weekend on PlayStation Store discounts


PlayStation which allows us to buy digital games from the PlayStation Storeagain discounts a new the weekend the players cheer. The end of this week thanks to the special discounts, you can expand your game library. Especially the PlayStation 4. which is one of the best games Dawn Horizon Zeroclick if you haven’t played, we recommend that you take advantage of this sale. Below is games, discounts, and discount previous you can see and compare the actual prices.

PlayStation Store discounts still pretty good

Entering discount on games like this

– Dawn Horizon Zero™
119,00 TL
59,00 TL

– Dawn Zero Horizon™ The Complete Edition
149,00 TL
89,00 TL

– Dawn Horizon Zero™: The Frozen Wilds
59,99 TL
38,99 TL

– Grand Theft Auto V
189,00 TL
89,00 TL

– Call Of Duty®: WWII – Digital Deluxe
399,00 TL
194,00 TL

– Call Of Duty®: WWII + destiny 2 Pack
TL 469,00
209,00 TL

– GTA V premium online edition, and the great white shark Card
TL 267,99
194,00 TL

– The megalodon Shark Card GTA V Edition and the premium online
TL 420,00
TL 284,00

– GTA V online whale shark card and Premium Edition
TL 344,99
TL 224,00

– Crash Bandicoot™ Trilogy N. Sane
119,00 TL
TL 70,99

– Premium Edition Grand Theft Auto V Online
TL 237,99
179,00 TL

– L. A. Noire
169,00 TL
89,00 TL

– Diablo III: rise of the Necromancer
59,99 TL
TL 29.99

– South Park™: The fractured but Whole™
TL 229,00
TL 74,00

– South Park™: The fractured but the whole™ – gold version
299,00 TL
134,00 TL