Announced yesterday, new information continues to come from rage 2


Yesterday Bethesda‘s official YouTube channel announced an interesting trailer with 2 rage, new information continues to come. The release date is not yet certain game, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released for. According to the information described in the new, open world fps rage 2 will give you it is said that in the true sense of the experience. So, we will interact with almost every object in the open world. In recent years, Mad Max makes for a good game, and the Just Cause developed by avalanche studios that we know from the series, rage 2, this time it looks like Is in good hands.

It became clear how it would be of rage 2

Also Bethesda, the game will elements of the platform, he said. Based on this we will solve the puzzles in the game to us we tend to think that it needs more work. About the game today, announcing it would release gameplay footage that Bethesda hasa game to see how it is to be confronted with? A game with shallow gameplay mechanics in the previous game, in the sense that the developers could not manage to do much good in terms of the scenario. However, probably rage 2 and we think it will be a good game all they overcame.