And the expected news came, boba fett his own movie is coming!


The Star Wars universe would bring a new movie every year after stating that they have all of the rights to Disney‘s new film, what would be explained. Finally in the main story of the last Jedi that confronts the audience with Disney, today as a Side Story solo: a Star Wars story in the movie to say hi to fans. The Star Wars universe located in the famous Disney characters who want to take advantage until the end of this time boba fett‘e hand tossed. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the information he set out to shoot a movie Disney already the makers of boba fett. The first side of the movie star wars: Rogue One, ‘la Disney that confronts the audience, apparently from the return side of the movie is satisfied. However, in the movie side of Star Wars fans, OBI – WAN kenobi, boba fett Disney’s while I wait Why was a custom structure is unknown.

A boba fett movie is coming

Who is boba fett?

Boba fett, Star Wars is one of the fictional characters in the series. In the series, a bounty hunter working for the Empire and jabba the Hutt, boba fett, Han Solo and chewbacca to track down and has taken it hostage. In the series, attack of the clones boba fett, and the Emperor has been featured in return of the Jedi. Also took part in a released version of a new hope, special.

Django fett the genetic makeup of the clone (copy) the bomb, the planet was created in no-kami, but before entering the ranks of the clone army, jango’s son as normal were grown. Style Mandalorian trained, who have terrorized and feared throughout the Galaxy as a bounty hunter was raised. Chase hunt and capture with his intelligence and cunning. Fett, jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader the leader of a criminal organization usually has worked for has been in cooperation with.