And the expected happened: decided to embed the date Sony PS Vita


About 7 years ago ( 17 December 2011) on the market in a very ambitious way to PS Vita‘on the top of Sony threw the land. That is one of the biggest media companies of the foreign press Kotaku‘s which confirmed the news, according to Sonyfor PS Vita boxed games on the market now won’t last. So in a way, about being a distributor of Sony’s PS Vita will have new games that we can say that it will not. Sony PS Vita in terms of sales figures out the semester that satisfy the authorities persistently first party developers develop the game (or at very least improve) was bothering the users. In these circumstances, the console did not receive the support of third party developers.

After 2019 there won’t be a physical game to PS Vita

Shared information, According to Sony, this support will end on 31 March 2019 for certain. Thus, for Sony PS Vita , we can say that the era closed. Probably the authorities will draw from mobile hand Sony console for a very long time. Nintendo‘s given as the reason for the success in this field with great support play as shown. Maybe Sony, if they had given the necessary support to the PS Vita, could be a major competitor against Nintendo’s.