Ancestors Legacy


Previously, draw the attention because of the violent scenes hatred the developer, Destructive creation of the new game ancestors legacyto us of the Middle Ages bloody, brutal history brings us back to. Real-time strategy type: the legacy of the ancestors who wants to bring a new breath to the story mode, have nothing to do with the kind of players that may be of interest to you.

Ancestors Legacy Review

In the story mode legacy of the Ancestors; the vikings, AngloSaxons, Germans , and Slavs , including four different countries we come across. A story about a historical battle mode of the first section of each country in the year of 793 begins. Ironbeard Ulf Jarl a Viking chieftain, and the other to plunder Lindisfarne monastery in conjunction with the head Great Britain to the territory of nortumbria the right time. However, Ulf who lost his way in the storm, the Union of the other part of the island, the Anglo-Saxon village, bamburgh a sticker. Thus, the control of the Viking Union is left in our hands. A story in this genre a move to Strategy Games, the game you say what you need to do step by step to the fluidity of the game increased.

Ancestors Legacy

For example, in the beginning of the game find the leader, and then unite their allies, out from behind the archers, find the source, with mini-tasks in the scenario step, stay on task, give you a purpose when connecting to the game, provided you play by knowing what to do. Both gave every opportunity to socialise and enter into the story. These tasks sometimes a village looting, the defense of the village against a big Union You captured sometimes newer, sometimes with a small addition to the expedition, based on the Union for your needs finding the source. Sometimes tasks such as riding in the woods on the trail of the captured allies.

When you receive a new main quest in-game footage by watching videos crafted with Dec, warmed to the task that you are going to do. Towards the end of the episode which animated films are crafted with a very nice drawing, what’s new section gives you a hint about what we face, while allows the integration with the story. The legacy of the Ancestors in storytelling, Dec the scenes in the voice and the drawings used plenty of.

Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors legacy, geographical conditions, the use of war in developing a strategy of critical importance. Having mastered the use of a map, conduct reconnaissance, and especially long to use the brush and your enemy on an ambush set up is quite important. Places that you can get the ranking of the best plan in terms of having different fronts to defend from the attacks of your enemies is critical. Day and night day and night cycle is the cycle in the strategies that you develop together with ancestors legacy is changing. Night torch to burn the enemy and also allows you to move quickly on the road to see more soon of you causing it. This and variable conditions, the dynamic structure of a game feeds the elements.

Ancestors legacy of each country in different units. These units also have different properties varying in its own right. There are various positions that you manage defensive and offensive Union. For example, the vikings has a way of creating a circle you can make a shield wall and defensive, you can go into a state of active defense against Archer attacks. Your Union your troops in the camps for treatment, you must rest. As the soldiers rested, they’re getting better and is going to treat his wounds.