An update is coming that will change the balance siege Rainbow Six


Popular tactical FPS game Rainbow Six Siege New, at the door of a major update. The new update details have emerged. Which is in the testing phase on test servers with the new update, the game is still there will be many changes.

Echo yukselteme on the way

Some operators have a bullet proof camera for the property, including the Pick and Ban when I was testing the system out of the pistol, recoil rates and damage in a team innovations announced that it has been tested on the test server. The Custom Game Mode, don’t let certain of the operators be included in the game, or the operators will help to remove pick and Ban system is being worked on. For some operator, the second device as an option and bullet proof camera are being studied that may be an option. According to the Feedback of players very fast because it is hard that are impossible to worry about some operators are attempting to be even more reduced speed. According to the update notes that worked on it; fast 3 The operator Speed has been reduced to 1 also slow the operator’s Speed Increased. By the players, a lot lately also non-preferred Echo character is also a skill to improve in the future is specified. Ubisoft’s is working on the testing phase of the update notes here you can browse.