An old actor, who died in the grave of his wife caught the Pokemon


Collects around the period when millions of gamers Go Pokemon‘s still equipped with a player at almost the same rate. Lock screen inviting you to the street instead of the successful players per game, players Pokemon wants to hunt. This time in Seventy Seven the game that everyone plays, there was an interesting incident. Go in the world, which is very hard to find Pokemon Snorlax‘an old man who I caught this Pokemon is found in a most unexpected place. On Twitter he share with in the event that a user who name are brought into the open some of the players upset. Foregoing, according to the old man he went to visit his deceased wife’s grave, and open the Pokemon go after his visit. Afterwards, his wife’s grave on Snorlax who claims to have found is happening after the old man was happy.

The old man caught Snorlax on his wife’s grave

Caught Snorlax‘the old man who gave the name of his dead wife, his wife is very strong says. That distributes to many different places of the Pokemon Go Pokemon‘s such a surprise to the old man is involuntary even though it’s quite nice. Indicating that the situation moved after she met with the old man at the gym he says.