An interesting coincidence is found in the most played mobile games


In a short time PC and console platform, which has surpassed the revenues of mobile games keeps growing day by day. Almost a chaos of returning to it’s getting so hard to find quality games in the mobile gaming market. Now seriously most of them that are identical these games began to resemble each other. Even the logos of the games because now there is not almost any effort. Replicating each other strategy and war games elements of scramble, this time we started to copy each other’s logos.

Identical logos mobile games

En çok oynanan mobil oyunlarda ilginç bir rastlantı bulundu

In fact, this first coincidence Bethesda noticed. The fallout shelterof the Developer Team that brought a new update, changed the logo a Fallout shelter for a short time. Developers in other games they’re referring to the patch notes indicating this status. Battle with another user curious about the most downloaded strategy games combining elements comparing the logos by downloading it to their phone. The result was as expected. Visuals located in the game except for the games found in the App Store and shouting of hundreds of men there are looking to the right in the logo. Anyone that’s not a logical explanation why such a coincidence occurs.

En çok oynanan mobil oyunlarda ilginç bir rastlantı bulundu