Alienware suites in the hotel room your dreams will be!


Dell under the roof Player the high performance computer manufacturer Alienware suite Dreams by Hilton hotel which is designed in the way that the player in the room would be no. Player Alienware desktop and laptop computers, high resolution screens, sound systems, Elite Xbox One and the oculus rift virtual reality title room is located in the hardware and the equipment is among.

Futuristic in a room designed for the pleasure of your Alienware branded super comfortable , the player’s seat, inflatable seats, branded pillows and tissue boxes . In this way, long-term play sessionsto enjoy the comfortable comfortable, so you can make yayila yayila is provided. Even NASA Outcast tech player’s seat, protecting the astronauts from temperature changes in structures are produced. In the room the Alienware AlienFX technology, according to the game you are playing, makes it possible to react to the lights. When you give to the window staring the game Dec of Panama City beaches and the South Pacific Ocean views can be enjoyed.

When I was cheating in the infamous games players! #2

Games cheat, are you bored of the rest of players away with this? Caught while cheating, and the second part of the players to be humiliated in front of everyone! A nice watch!

Everything smart that’s all well and good, what is the price of the room? Make ready. The room per night is $ 349. The comment about the price for such a room, we’ll leave entirely to you.

:: Alienware would you like to stay in a hotel room?

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