An innocent first Kickstarter campaign, starting with Agony project in a short time succeeded, and the Madmind studios are laughing at the face of the team. Because of various delays, which makes players more impatient Agony, a horror game for players who love the past days finally appeared. Dante’s depiction of hell as an alternative to offering a depiction of a hell of a different, construction, printing and supposedly nervous he would unite the theme with horror elements. I say supposedly because I couldn’t see unfortunately any item of the game playing together. Amnesia as a fan of the series I’ve been waiting excitedly for this reason agony. I knew immediately something was wrong from the first moment I walked in to the game. All the ad campaigns, the game will be localized according to the country, and after a successful Kickstarter project, the way I held my expectations high. However, at the interface of the game, even ozensizlik shot me in the face, broke my enthusiasm slightly in the first minute.

Agony review


The story “The Great Fall” you start with an event called. This is the biggest event in the fall called, accompanied by metaphors depict the character that we can control fall into hell. Narrow corridors and gloomy atmosphere, accompanied by the goddess of the Red constantly stays in touch with you during the story the character name given. Our first goal is to find the character of the Red goddess of the game already. If the Agonyof ” if you were watching the trailers, the violence is handled in a way that is quite contrary to human nature that you may have noticed. This is already the ace of the card agony developers, he told himself. However, the game from the first minute of the trailer that is shown in that there is not a trace it is not possible to grasp from the environment.

Design The section if we are going, designs and plans drawn word mediocre I would say. Even later in the game you constantly feel that gives you the section between the maze designs it is possible to easily get lost. Developers already noticed this challenge because of the game mechanics, who guides you at the beginning of your control centre. A purple spiritual light when you press the corresponding key, it shows you where to go. You will have to continue on your path with this purple light. But most of the time of this guide going haywire and you are nervous stick to the roads more crazy when you found out that the number of times is increasing.


Agony of Hell in the demonic depiction of the layout of entities in order to provide circulating inside constantly coming after you. At the time you found these monsters they’re killing with one blow. For this reason, you have to hold your breath and hide in the crevices and the holes in sections. Even sloppy in places but where you can hide because the monsters are mostly along the roads drawn in accordance with the Code of a certain software the moment you need those holes you’ll get. In some places you experience that you need to put in the empty rooms empty rooms potholes and can’t find a logical explanation why.

Besides being unspeakably evil of the level design in the game, there is a darkness that cannot be solved. Sometimes we even bring an end to your monitor gamma setting in the game and ahead of the game it can be impossible to see. Around each corner so that you can experience with the monsters you hunt are tasked with involuntarily.

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