Agony horror game has released new gameplay footage


The highly anticipated horror game, the Agonyfrom a new gameplay trailer was released. The theme is dark, depressing atmosphere, and scenes of a sexual nature, distinguished by the recently published game of in-game footage of the trailer, gives tips on how to be agony the dynamics of the gameplay.

It’s a gameplay trailer from the last horror game in hell agony

Creepy atmosphere, attracts the attention of gamers with the agony that, in fact, would be in the game so what game scenes with was on the agenda. Applied to the earlier console versions of the game, censorship and depictions of genitals are found in the game of harassing the news about some players we have already touched upon.

Sexual organs in agony players bothered

As of the last day of the name of the more sensational with the news on the agenda all right, agony from a gameplay trailer released. Posted gameplay trailer is very dark and gloomy, we can say that. However, presented as a gameplay trailer of the video very hard to say that give an impression of the gameplay, a dark atmosphere circulating in a team with similar powers to the main character of the spell seems to throw the creatures away. Judging from the comments from agony of gameplay under the trailer, the gameplay footage seems they don’t much like the game of love published.