Agony censored scenes appeared in the horror game (18+)


Great Expectations, resulting in a horror game but even that does not work properly new Agony‘s censored footage has been released. Before the game, the game would be censored that developers of the game stating that this decision should not be censored and support in the face of players who believe that the authorities to react was shown. However, now invite those players back to the scene. We can say that a decision of the game was censored. Personally if if you are developing a game, I would argue that every scene you can put into the game. This is your decision and in line with this, the game is already censored the only player subject to. But you should play a game before the game put every scene in your dream world.

It is bleak agony of the scenes censored

Agony proper mechanics and the story, because it is not such scenes Add to the game, Madrid has shown perverse and morbid mood that consists of developers with Studios. When viewing the images, “I wonder how far can they go?” you’re asking yourself. In addition, the absence of a purpose of this kinky action, and the event makes it look even more ugly. The objects that represent the babies and kill them in any game in our heads to break it up I can’t find a logical explanation. Already GTA-style sandbox games so they don’t put the child item.

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