Age of Wonders: Planetfall announced for PC and consoles


Paradox interactive and triumph studios developed together by age of Wonders: Planetfall was announced.

The new game in the series will come in 2019

The new game of the popular series of age of Wonders: Planetfall, although an exact date is not given, 2019 as of PC and consoles will have a place in the market for. Combines elements of science fiction and strategy game in a fantasy world. Arise from the last remnants of a fallen galactic Empire and, again, you are trying to run the Galaxy once more. The single player mode in the game, while at the same time, or randomly paired you’ll be able to fight against your friends with multiplayer maps.

Triumph studios CEO’water Lennart Sas in a statement, the Paradox , along with stated that they were so excited to announce the latest piece they are working on. Age of Wonders: Planetfall’s Creator Engine game engine on the new generation of there have been for nearly three years, he added. Sas added that this innovation will make happy fans of the game, is to make an expanding purposes of the game, and loved again the age of the core principles that make a series so successful was he trying to use wonders said.

Below you’ll find the announcement video of the game.