Launched 10 months ago, is an very addicted browser game with thousands of players playing every day. You only need to play this game once and I bet you can resist to play again… and again. If you are already an addicted player, you know what I mean.

Well… you are here, so I suppose you searched how to hack and later to brag to your friends how cool are you, right? Do not be ashamed! I saw a lot of people searching for an hack 2016 or ways to cheat the game. You are not the only one. Now, let me tell you how to get unlimited coins, to boost your mass or XP, to make your cell invisible… and more.


Using this cheats, I bet you’ll lead the game within seconds. Because with this hack features you can boost your mass (thats meaning every cell you’ll eat will double your mass so you can grow up more fastest), to double or triple your starting mass (so you can start already big – up to 400 mass) or get coins to buy a new or invisible your cell.

Coins: You can get up to 100,000 coins using our hack tool. So don’t waste your money when you can get them for free, right? 50,000 coins costs about $50but using our generator you pay nothing. NOTHING!

Starting Mass: Using this feature means you can double or triple your starting mass, up to 400. When the game starts, you’ll be already BIG, don’t need to eat small cells, you can hunt other small cells. How’s that sound? I bet you’ll love this feature too.

Speed: With speed hack feature you can speed up your cell when you’re to big and moving slowly. From now on, you don’t need to worry you can’t catch someone. Just activate speed and catch any cells you want. Also, no one will catch you, not anymore!


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