After a long break, the legend of Ataturk, the tempest is returning


For a long time Indiegogosupported Atari box, then the name space classics from the Atari VCSwas changed. A few months ago pre-order the console yet opened it was not known what he did. Atari had promised that it would run only old games, but new games mentioned. Wait after Atari, one of the first games that will be unveiled atarivcs: Tempest 4000.

Legendary construction combined with new technology

Those who have spent time in the arcade Hall Atari Console or in time knows. Tempest Atari-specific massive arcade game and the gameplay is pretty simple. Within the framework of the game you are given can return, he can shoot, and you can avoid the incoming attack. Latest Atari Jaguar console, Tempest 2000, Atari Jaguar as weird for one of the best games among all and was the last game of the series as it was accepted.Atari took the decision to continue this myth but apparently.