Ads now will haunt us in the application WhatsApp


The world’s most popular Messaging app WhatsApp, Facebook advertising are being introduced at regular intervals since its transfer to the gossip, but this time it seems serious. Binary Quran WhatsApp Jan Koum and Brian Acton application, despite advertising that they were, but had left the company and now action for the past month koum announced that WhatsApp all cut without an adequate explanation of the relationship.

Resigned Jan Koum from WhatsApp

This resignation in the wake of an official statement was not spoken between them now, although WhatsApp is ad to show. While this is not an ad condition still no official winner at the F8 Developers Conference touched on this subject. Facebook’s advertising department, David Marcus, WhatsApp and advertising the application on a more open platform to advertisers would no longer be said.

These ads what is given information about it yet, but standing against the topic of making money with advertising company advertising No No to use two WhatsApp now to be separated from the name shows that there engellenin. At the same conference discussed the innovations and future application with group video calling was introduced to the WhatsApp stickers.