Adorning the cover of Game Informer, we got a new video from days gone


Days gone by currently the PlayStation 4 is one of the most important games will be released for. In particular the presentation made at the E3 Expo, which are still fresh in the memory of days, Gone for a long time we did not meet with notice. This silence Game Informer magazine, new details about the game and he’s out of announced.

New information about days gone and videos are coming

The month of June also adorn the cover of the magazine, Gone Days for a short video was also released. That preserves the tradition of Game Informer magazine, as always, graces the cover of the game that the team visited to learn new information, and from there managed. So both the month of June in conjunction with E3 2018 we will have new information about the game both in the magazine Game Informer.

The construction team included many names from there are published in this short video. Instead of wanting to be asked to be more enemies on the screen said that he wanted to show more about the game. Also in this video we can clearly see the details of the game’s interface. A Release date yet in certain non-game from this video and you can browse the magazine cover below.