Adding an Australian army tank in World of tanks in the game


Wargaming , developed by world of tanks, the game tank Australian army Centurion MK. 5.1 adds.

Innovation continues in World of tanks

Recently world of tanks was the development of many of the world. First renewed in the month of March HD maps in the game, while the Glacier is called a new map of the game were included. Graphs on top of all that renews itself in the game, which is for the 1.0 update with the quality of graphics has increased significantly. If you have played world of tanks for a long time, or never if you haven’t played the game, you will have noticed the improvements we’re talking about.

The latest development in the game, the Australian army named a tank Centurion MK 5.1 is going to add to the game. According to the developer, this tank was used as a standard Australian army between the years 1950-1970. The tank in the game, the British Centurion MK. V. comparison with improved frontal Armor, machine guns and improved with a more powerful engine would reveal the difference.

In the last few months that the innovations to the next level in the game in World of tanks, as you know, recently the Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon the’u had been also included in the game. Promotional video of the new tank can be found below.