Added a new hero of Marvel’s contest of Champions


Appeals to millions of players on mobile platforms Contest of Champions, Marvel’snew hero was added. The developers, which updates the game quickly, this time the game Corvus Glaive‘i added. Broadening the developers of the hero pool, the heroes have also announced that we will be bringing in the coming days also. Hydra Captain, Jessica Jones , and Thanos characters players curious about the developers who said that they would add to the game like new characters bring to the game they said they were listening to the players about that.

Marvel’s contest Of Champions is expanding the hero pool

On the basis of a fighting game contest of Champions on Marvel’sfamous Marvel characters you can get a fierce fight. Each character has its own special combos location of game Android or iOS on your devices you can play.The way of the champions in the game,- Angela – Black Bolt – captain marvel – Carnage – Drax – Gamor – Groot – Hela – Hyperion – King Groot – Medusa – Ms. Marvel – Ms. marvel (Kamala Khan) – Phoenix – Proxima Midnight – Ronan – Spider-Man (symbiote suit)- Superior Iron Man – Thanos – Thor – Venom – venompool Champions is the way, which will be added in the future: – Armor – Ghost – Hydra – captain-corvus Glaive – Daredevil (Netflix)- Dazzler – Emma Frost – new version(s) Hulkbuster – Jessica Jones – Legion – Mr. Sinister – Mimic – Nova – Omega Red – Red skull – Scarlet Witch (Ultimate)- Scorched King Groot – Sunspot – Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) – Wasp