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Fortnite outside of a realistic battle Royale who want the experience PlayStation 4 players, in the past week H1Z1‘e gets. Xbox One on the side PUBG‘s biggest rival H1Z1, PlayStation 4 continues to grow quickly on the side. New information via Twitter by PS4 7 million players that is described in the version of h1z1 reached. On the PC side and PUBG oppressed under fortnite H1Z1 on the side, it looks like the console has found his calling.

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H1Z1 PS4 Open Beta is now live! Download and join over 7,000,000 players in a battle Royale reimagined experience.

— H1Z1 (@H1Z1) 31 May 2018

In past periods, the PC from the side of the Miramar map to the console bringing new PUBG Corp. PlayStation 4 console the game still was unable to remove. Because Sony, since it was hard for early access Games, the PlayStation 4 owners that the optimization wants to play games properly. PlayStation 4 in the wing are in the process of Open Beta H1Z1‘e met it is not yet clear whether it is cross platform with PC.

Let’s PUBGin itself to fix the technical problems in the PS4 will be coming to the platform? The game before that PS4 developers stating that they want out for this decision, Sony has blocked. Sony’s PS4 early access games on the platform to see who doesn’t like a decision you need to respect.

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