According to Ubisoft, the console after ps5 and the new Xbox won’t


That will leave the market when physical consoles it’s been discussed for many years. But, like, on the one hand, persist in it as Nintendo, on the other hand Sony they continue to sell consoles at full speed. No time for any of the console platforms, there are special games will be pretty obvious. But on the contrary, Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot, the next generation we’ll see, but step by step the concept of discourse is found in the ends of the physical console. Guillemot who believe that the tenth generation would be completely virtual consoles, thus the game thinks that the AAA industry will grow quite quickly.

Ubisoft spoke about the new generation consoles

In fact, PlayStation Now , and GeForce now thanks to services such as, it’s safe to say that laid the foundation of this system. However, it still especially Nintendo‘s very difficult to say that will leave the concept of physical console. Let’s see with what we will meet when it comes to the tenth generation consoles. Custom games still it’s quite the physical console, I can say that it would be to have a longer period of time. Well, you guys what do you think about? In your opinion, only games that “stream” the concept of play with does that make sense?

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