According to officials at Nintendo, the 3DS sales still going Super


In the month of March of the year 2017 which was released on the Nintendo Switch, the sales of Nintendo in the sense that the authorities are satisfied, although the 3DS‘sales did not pass rate. Boss Nintendo’s Tatsumi Kimishima, the company the sales of the 3DS presentation referred to in the financial. Kimishima, who said he still expected the 3DS sold at the rate, on the software side 3ds said they would support it in the later stages. 26 February 2011 which was released on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console consoles continues to be the highest in terms of Appeal. In terms of game library the 3DS has a large range in the later stages of the players that will be supported as well, which pleases.

I’m glad Nintendo 3DS sales Nintendo

On the other hand, Nintendo‘s new console market if it does not take a handheld, the 3DS‘s it to become a culture no longer connects. However, third-party developers as much stay close to the Nintendo 3DS, although Nintendo’s First-Party studios producing console games still.

Especially the Mario and Pokemon games thanks to the console players which enhances the commitment to the developers, let’s go through the games of this genre on the 3DS is being sold will provide. Besides all these, the 3DS sales of the Nintendo Switch will be affected if the sales of Nintendo are very pleasing.